Smaller Schools Research

(formerly entitled: For Further Discussion On School Size ) by Representative David Cox The discussion about school size, both with school boards and in the general public, will not be complete ... (View)
America's urban high schools are struggling by Dr. Augusta Souza Kappner Dr. Kappner has been president of Bank Street College in New York City since 1995, and was the assistant ... (View)
By Karen Irmsher There is a natural predeliction in American education toward enormity," said William Fowler (1992), "and it does not serve schools well." During the last forty years, schools ... (View)
List member Keith Look is a researcher with the Philadelphia Education Fund. In this note to the MiddleWeb List (07/02), Keith shared some findings from his own experience and his dissertation ... (View)
by David N. Cox We Utahns love to have everything from our fast-food meals to our trucks "super-sized"; you might even say our families are "super-sized"! In many cases bigger is better, but ... (View)